Corporate Social Responsibility

Citi Housing is committed to responsible real estate development. Simply put - this means doing the right thing. Our business decisions incorporate careful consideration of people’s health and safety, environmental protection, and community well-being. Citi Housing’s community investment priorities are in areas of public health, education, and poverty alleviation. We work closely with communities and focus on long-term sustainable development that is independent of our activities.


Making meaningful and sustainable contributions

Citi Housing will engage openly and respectfully with community stakeholders. We will make meaningful and sustainable contributions to the communities where we work.

Social Responsibility Policy. Citi Housing is committed to making a positive impact in the communities where we work. We recognize that our role in social responsibility extends to all aspects of our activities including health, safety, environment and social. We will understand and integrate social factors into our decision-making process at all stages of our activities - from exploration and operations through to closure and reclamation.

Our Social Responsibility Commitments Include:

  • Engaging regularly, openly and honestly with our host communities and all stakeholders.
  • Understanding the views of people impacted by our operations and considering these in our decision making.
  • Respecting and avoiding negative impact on existing cultures and heritage in our host communities.
  • Ensuring that our social responsibility is evident in our commitments to responsible health, safety and environmental performance.
  • Making positive contributions to society by investing in community development projects in the communities where we operate.
  • Committing to sustainable community development in areas of health, education and economic development.
  • Respecting human rights and acting with due diligence to avoid infringing on the rights of others, addressing adverse impacts that occur, and facilitating access to remedy.
  • Respecting the rights and interests of land owners, and identifying and understanding the interests and perspectives of land owners when seeking to develop an agriculture land.
  • Building awareness and capacity to identify, understand and manage the social impacts of our presence.
  • Employees, contractors and suppliers are expected to demonstrate awareness and act with behavior that supports the intention of this policy.


Free food for poor people at 11 outlets

Many of the cities, where Citi Housing is developing real estate, are characterized by low levels of economic development, limited infrastructure and a lack of social support systems for at-risk communities. We consider it an opportunity to make a positive impact, while operating in these cities, is a fundamental driver of our commitment to responsible real estate development.

Objective of Citi’s free food outlets is to provide lunch and dinner to less privileged segment of society without hurting their self-respect. A variety of dishes, cooked by experienced cooks in a hygienic environment, are served to the guests by courteous waiters in a clean and sanitized environment. For this purpose, Citi Housing has opened eleven (11) food outlets, 0 at Gujranwala, 02 at Sialkot, 02 at Faisalabad, 01 at Multan and 01 at Jhelum and named them as Dastarkhawans. These outlets are furnished with decent furniture, crockery, kitchen, filtered water and allied amenities. Trained supervisors, waiters, cooks and guards are on payroll of Citi Housing. High quality of dry and fresh ration items is ensured through is supply from Citi Shopping MART. Food is served to over 7000 people 2 times a day without any discrimination of religion, cast and creed.


Adopted Schools

Adoption, administration & management of Govt

Investing in community education is one of Citi Housing’s passions. We believe that education is the foundation for empowering people and enabling a positive transformation in their communities. Citi Housing invests in community education programs at all of our projects without any discrimination.

At Adho-Rai and Kot-Baqir villages, Citi Housing Gujranwala’s “Education for All” program is based on a holistic approach encompassing complete renovation of government school buildings, construction of classrooms, arranging for furniture, teacher’s hiring and their training, improving access to educational materials. Behavior and attitudes of students towards education and its importance is changed through rewards for best performers and setting directions of school’s overall curricular and extra-curricular advancement. This program is positively impacting both students and teachers. There are an estimated 500 children in the 02 villages. The project also provides education benefits through increased school enrollment, better daily attendance, improved academic performance and increased parent involvement and interest in the school.

Citi Housing also distributes school supplies including books and bags to help poor or marginalized children attending school. We also provide food and scholarships for needy students and their families. These programs are part of our commitment to making a meaningful and lasting commitment in the communities where we work. The project benefits primary students with reinforcing school security and providing some balanced meals during the school day.



Stipend for widows & support for marriage of girls

A driving philosophy of Citi Housing’s Community Investment strategy is to assist widows, physically handicapped and old people to earn regular sustainable income in the form of monthly stipends. They are the people, who due to their low education and physical disabilities cannot make sufficient livelihood to support their dependents.

Citi Housing also support marriages of widow’s daughters by arranging for reasonable dowry and paying for allied expenses particularly widows daughters. Welfare department of Citi Housing receives applications from needy people and performs due diligence to ascertain facts before approving monthly stipend and payment for marriages of girls.

Through job creation in our mega projects in the real estate sector, Citi Housing is playing a vital role in alleviating poverty in Pakistan by giving people opportunities to earn respectable living for their families. In addition, we are also pursuing a financial assistance in the form of monthly stipends for disabled, widows and the needy in the poorest parts of the country.



Healthy community is needed for prosperous nation

When people are not healthy, it can be difficult to take advantage of available opportunities to improve lifestyle. Therefore, Citi Housing believes that an investment in community health programs reinforces the success of other initiatives intended to alleviate poverty. Making a positive impact in the communities in which we work is a commitment at Citi Housing, so we invest in Community Health wherever we have projects.

At the Gujranwala project, Citi Housing has initiated and supported several health projects aligned with the priorities of the local administration and communities neighboring the Projects. These initiatives include support for:

  • Renovation of dispensary and provision of medicine.
  • Financial support to local health care staff.
  • Free OPD treatment of needy people from surrounding communities at Citi MediCare Hospital.
  • Sanitation and water supply projects.
  • Dastarkhawan at Adho-Rai village to feed healthy food to poor and deprived people.

The Government has been combating major health epidemics such as eradication of Dengue mosquitoes, Polio and tuberculosis vaccination. Citi Housing supports these initiatives as well as working with local stakeholders to identify other local health issues that are critically impacting public health. Citi Housing projects are focusing on child nutrition, pre-natal care, OBGYN care, and providing needed medical supplies in local dispensaries.

To ensure that our investments in health initiatives are making meaningful and positive contributions, we have built and equipped a dispensary at village Adho Rai in Gujranwala and maintain and analyze health related statistics.

Citi Housing recognizes the interplay between health and education as the foundation for people to build a better future, and is committed to sustainable community development wherever we work.



Protection and promotion of the human health, safety and welfare

Citi Housing is committed to the protection and promotion of the human health, safety and welfare of its employees. Citi Housing’s objective is to achieve and maintain zero workplace injuries and occupational illnesses as we believe that all injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable. We further believe that health and safety considerations are integral to and compatible with all other management functions in the organization and that effective health and safety management will enhance rather than adversely affect production or costs.

To achieve this, Citi Housing will:

  • Citi Housing will identify and eliminate or mitigate occupational health and safety hazards/risks.
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable statutory obligations, relevant industry guidelines and internal and external safety and health standards.
  • Ensure that management holds employees and contractors accountable for their safety and health performance.
  • Establish clearly defined occupational health and safety programs complete with clearly established targets and performance indices.
  • Ensure that all employees and contractors are trained to understand their health and safety responsibility in accordance with the Company’s policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that all employees and contractors use proper personal protective clothing and the correct equipment for the task.
  • Recognize and reward safe behavior by employees and contractors.
  • Prepare for and maintain capability to effectively respond to emergencies and crises.
  • Investigate the causes of accidents and incidents and develop effective preventative and remedial actions.
  • Monitor, assess and audit development operations to ensure continuous improvement of our occupational health and safety performance.

All employees, contractors and site visitors of Citi Housing are expected to adhere to the commitments defined in this policy.



Conserve the quality of the environment

Citi Housing is committed to minimize the impact on and conserve the quality of the environment in areas where we operate.

Environmental Policy Citi Housing is committed to minimizing the impact on and conserving the quality of the natural environments in areas where we operate. As part of our corporate environmental commitment, Citi Housing will provide sufficient resources to ensure environmental risks are adequately addressed during all stages (town planning, development, construction, and maintenance) of each project.

To achieve this, Citi Housing will:

  • Citi Housing will identify and eliminate or mitigate environmental impacts.
  • Apply a proactive risk-management approach to safeguard and protect the environment.
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable statutory obligations, relevant industry guidelines and internal and external environmental standards.
  • Foster and maintain an environmentally responsible culture, behavior and awareness within the workplace.
  • Encourage open dialogue and maintain processes for receiving and responding to stakeholder concerns with respect to our environmental commitments.
  • Encourage workforce behaviors that promote environmental stewardship.
  • Conserve and protect local water resources.
  • Prepare for and maintain capability to effectively respond to emergencies.
  • Monitor, assess and audit our operations to ensure continuous improvement of environmental performance.

All employees, contractors and site visitors of Citi Housing are expected to adhere to the commitments defined in this policy. Citi Housing is proud of its commitment to the environment and will continually strive to improve our environmental performance and reduce our environmental impact.